Instrument data

A varying set of instruments is used to capture single images (frames) which are digitally combined to larger images.

The first table contains the technical data of the instruments.

Instrument index Emission line / Bandwidth / Filter Field of view Aperture Resolution Comment
1 H-alpha, 3.5nm 7.6°×5.8° 5 cm 9" (FWHM) Panasonic MN34230 sensor, f=135mm lens
2 Bayer CFA + Light pollution filter 15.5°×10.3° 7 cm 17" (FWHM) Consumer grade digital photo camera, f=135mm lens
3 H-alpha, 3.5nm 7.6°×5.8° 6 cm 9" (FWHM) Panasonic MN34230 sensor, f=135mm lens
4 H-alpha, 35nm 7.6°×5.8° 5 cm 9" (FWHM) Panasonic MN34230 sensor, f=135mm lens, Used for exact continuum measurement (pass band centered to emission line) in combination with narrow band filters.

The second table shows how much of the instruments form the first table where / are active in which period

Camera index: 1 2 3 4
Nov 2018 to Apr 2020 4 2
Apr 2020 to Jul 2020 1 2 3
Since Jul 2020 2 3 1

In a first stage the whole northern sky downto DEC=-16° will be photographed with Instruments 1-4, i.e. in H-alpha light and in continuum light at lower resolution. It is planned to finish that by autumn 2022. Some early results showing selected regions can be found in the wide field nebulae section.

A second stage which captures a narrower region around the galactic plane with more narrow band filters and higher resolution continuum cameras is currently (summer 2021) prepared.

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