simg is a software for deterministic image processing. It is controlled per command line (typically using shell scripts), it is fast (all computation-intensive routines are parallelized) and it scalable in order to process large data sets. All results on this page are calculated with that program.

simg is probably unusable without basic knowledge about its algorithms. Documentation for this does not exist yet. Therefore the program is provided as is, without any warranty that is useful to others.


Dependencies are avoided as much as possible. Besides on standard libraries (glibc, pthreads, ...) the command line utility (simg) only depends on fftw3. The visualization tool (vsimg) additionally requires GTK+ 2 or higher.


The following packages are distributed under GNU GPLv3 (General Public License version 3). To compile the program from source code the Free Pascal compiler (at least version 3.0) with standard units (which include fftw3 and GTK bindings) is required. Additionally binaries for AMD64/Linux are provided which should run on any reasonable modern AMD64/Linux installation (use ldd to check whether shared libraries need to be installed)

Version Packages
20220317 Source code
Binaries for AMD64/Linux
20210727 Source code
Binaries for AMD64/Linux

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